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Basically, with this drop shipping program you can order high quality replica goods from us one at a time, pay only the wholesale discounted price, shipping is included. We will ship directly to your customers door super express guaranteed delivery. This way you avoid the cost and wasted time of reshipping the merchandise to your customer. This will free up your time and resources for making more sales, thereby making you more money. The best part is that you can buy items one at a time and pay only the wholesale price and free shipping.

Processing an order with the 'drop shipping' program, will take the same time as any other order, your order will be shipped the next business day. You should receive a tracking number within 48 hours.
All of our correspondence will be directly with you. We will not contact your customer. Although we do need your customer name, address and telephone number for shipping, you may keep the email address secret. When the handbags arrive at your customer's door they come in an unmarked box so your customer will never know.

If you choose to pay by credit card we will need you to send a scanned or photographed copy of your credit card (you may hide the middle 8 digits), a credit card payment authorization form with your signature via email. This is to ensure against credit card fraud, because the shipping address is totally different from your billing address for drop shipping orders, we need them for the bank's reference.

Note: It is important that with each order you enter the information clearly. Specify the number of items, style, and color for each item. Enter your customers name, address, and telephone number under 'shipping'. Always enter your email address in the email address box and we will correspond only with you.

Click to leave your message and start drop-ship now, it does not even cost a penny!
Or drop ship by emailing us at sales.ebrandbuy@gmail.com.